Single’s Group

Purpose: For singles to connect with each other with a once a month fellowship on Friday nights.

Leader: Gideon Thibodaux

Myths of Being Single

Single adults are lonely – It is true that some single adults are lonely, but it certainly does not take being single to be lonely. The loneliest person in your hometown is not a single adult, but a married adult who is in a terrible marriage!

Single adults want to get married – Some single adults do want to marry, as would married adults if they were single! I would rather they look in a church with a ministry to single adults, however, than in the world. Chances of finding a dedicated Christian are usually higher!

Single men are irresponsible – Some are; then again, some married men are also! It does not take being single to be irresponsible. Just talk to the wives of some of the married men in your city.