Youth Ministries

Old River Assembly’s Youth is a very lively youth group, that consists of young people who come from all different backgrounds and lifestyles yet they come together as a youth group who’s desire is to please the Savior.

Our vision is to teach, mentor, disciple and provoke the youth of our church into action for Christ, so they can be equipped to reach the youth of our community for Christ.
We desire to see student’s lives  transformed by Christ, to provide training and growth for students to grow in their relationship with God, and to give opportunity for teens to experience God, serve God, and go do something great for God.
We challenge our students to desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and to set aside their old ways, and their old problems, and move forward with something new – a newness in Christ. Just like the scripture says. What happens to a river that doesn’t move forward? It can become stagnant, begin to dry up, and things can begin to die. It’s the same with our spiritual walk. We must always be moving forward with Jesus. If we are standing still, you can become stagnant, and die spiritually. We are moving forward by being in fellowship with other believers, praying, reading HIS bible, listening to HIS Word, witnessing, and just continuing daily to develop an intimate relationship with HIM. Youth, we encourage you to keep Moving Forward with Jesus – keeping Him fresh and new in your lives everyday. Events this Ministry has during the year: Various local, sectional, and district events including Youth Camps, conventions, fine arts, and Speed the Light, and special youth rallies and services.
Days & Time of Ministry: Youth Service weekly at 7 PM in the Fellowship Hall on Wednesday nights.
Age Group: 13 – 18 years old.
Leader:  Dustin Robinson